I been playing with this concept of special indeed, let's see where it leads me. Intensifier Love is special indeed. It keeps my icy blood running. In hopes that it will thaw once more. Just the thought of having someone to care for, a person whom I adore. Love in and of itself is an … Continue reading Intensifier

How Are You?

Photo by Vie Studio on How Are You? Whenever someone asks, How are you? I answer with a customary response... I'm well and you, Escapes my mouth like a chiseled lie I've practiced a thousand and one times   Yet the taste of it leaving my tongue is still bittersweet I recite delicate lines … Continue reading How Are You?


Photo by Pixabay on Thankful Where do we go from here? Nowhere but up Some people didn't open their eyes this morning That's why we are thankful To see the orange beams of a new day rise Gratefully granted another opportunity to get things right Happy for the additional time to strive Shoot, just … Continue reading Thankful