Cutting Lies

Cutting Lies Tell hungry lies To keep the truth at bay Run for cover under false tales Paint over the nasty details Move the goal post so no one comes Within 500 feet of it You change the course of conversation with precision Like a doctor performing surgery You carefully cut away the infection Love … Continue reading Cutting Lies

Barbershop Visit

    This is a poem from my book Perseverance of the Human Spirit. It's available on Amazon for purchase and Kindle Unlimited.    Barbershop Visit love is on his mind he gotta look good office work or chilling in the hood prayers lie on his shoulders dreams of fulfilling prophecy sit in rest around … Continue reading Barbershop Visit


Clever you’re cleverright on cuegot it together stiff like a block of wood lighter than a feather open secrets hidden in dark crawl places crooked, spoiling teeth covered by veneer pavement chipped paint on doors covered by wreaths but when lies talk the truth can only slip onto icy withdrawn back streets where abandoned houses … Continue reading Clever