Few Words: Tender

Tender You are tender to me Like a prayer forming from reluctant lips I speak your name Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Giallo on Pexels.com Rendezvous In a wine colored, brick building Off 54th and Drexel Down the street from the chicken shack Is where it all began   We were looking for love  In the city of sin A flash flood ran through as he came in As promises hung over the starry sky … Continue reading Rendezvous

Consistent Words

Consistent Words The hardest part is being consistent. Finding the words to speak to each other when it feels like there is nothing left to say. Then pushing back against that nothingness. Only to discover that you have more to say... We lose each other when the words stop. So hold me with your words … Continue reading Consistent Words

Deep Voice

Deep Voice the smooth undertone of a transparent sound drew me in i was memorized by the highs and lows of her vibrato   she was a song bird that carried the allure of Hennessy but sang of bourbon she breathed in deep, sultry air   but glistening honey flowed from her lips  she was … Continue reading Deep Voice