The Length of Hope

The Length of Hope I learned sometime ago that hope has the power to sustain the soul of man. It extends beyond the existence of money. So as the perils of life remain present cling onto the remnants of hope. Love always, Esha ❤

Trigger Warning: Ills of Man

  Photo by Robin McPherson on Ills Of Man I can't be angry at you anymore Tying myself and my heart in knots Tripping over my own legs following after you Has left me feeling discombobulated   We are separated by mindset I could put your progress in an Easy-bake oven 10 years of … Continue reading Trigger Warning: Ills of Man

Short Thought: My Man

My Man i need a man with rough hands always down to take a stand willingly to put in work an idle couch potato in my home can't earn a fork his time spent in my embrace is short   Love always, Esha ❤