Sparkling Dawn

Photo by Pixabay on Sparkling Dawn Wipe your eyes my love There's no more tears left for you to hold The creases of your smile coated in wet sorrow Will once again shine With the embers of promise and excitement Bliss and happiness are ripe for the picking Take a little with you everywhere … Continue reading Sparkling Dawn

New Leaf

Photo by Gustavo Cruz on New Leaf Turn over a new leaf The old rustic hues Of yesteryear no longer suit you Spring ushers in fresh days   Return to vibrant sunlight Rest easy in tantalizing shade Nestled in the snug embrace Of a temperate breeze swirling with change   Veins crave the sway … Continue reading New Leaf

Hope’s Song

Photo by Nav Photography on Hope's Song Hope sings a lullaby to me On feathered wings high above the ground It flies with no ceilings But when it comes down I receive a gift or two Some old desires brought into view And a new dream to hold onto   Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Pixabay on Thankful Where do we go from here? Nowhere but up Some people didn't open their eyes this morning That's why we are thankful To see the orange beams of a new day rise Gratefully granted another opportunity to get things right Happy for the additional time to strive Shoot, just … Continue reading Thankful


  Photo by NaMaKuKi on Rest Your dreams are great Laced in sparkling sunshine Protected by golden gates As you believe your reality takes shape Sleep grants the optimist A sweet escape Blissfully resting in the emerging twilight Of a new day   Love always, Esha ❤