Resentment We talk to each other With words bound to stir resentment Two became one Then disconnected for freedom's sake Is it too late to start over? Or is this fate? In silence, we (restless souls) wait. Love always, Esha ❤

Just A Taste

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Just A Taste To me he is dark chocolate drizzle With chucks of roasted hazelnut Dripping into a river of splashing milk   Even when we're done It's never enough A richness to sensual to give up   We breakup to make up We wake up to make love … Continue reading Just A Taste

Honestly: All I Have

  All I Have I don't have much to give outside of poetry. Sometimes... I don't really think one person can even make a difference! But I pray now more than ever that my words are able to give someone in the world solace. If I can just make one person laugh, smile or think … Continue reading Honestly: All I Have

Blessed One

  Photo by Magali Guimaru00e3es on Blessed One Do you feel your heart beating At the center of pressed lungs? Your former friends... Thought you stopped breathing   They talk be hide your back And speak ill of you for no reason They change faces like watercolors And switch up facades like Chicago seasons … Continue reading Blessed One


  I got something to say... Photo by cottonbro on Campaign I don't peddle great change or hope I'm not running an election campaign So I don't need your vote But I would greatly appreciate it If you read the letters I wrote:   I don't represent you But I pray my openness Can … Continue reading Campaign