Thinking: The Reality Inside

The Reality Inside coax me from my shell i need a reason to go outside a day not too far from now the purple berries will be covered in frost again the pine cones will hang frozen from the trees there will be no pugnacious buzz of agitated bees but i will remain inside a … Continue reading Thinking: The Reality Inside


Photo by Marina Shatskih on Bullied Dysfunctional placed on my shoulders Against an urban backdrop Tapped at the vein Those that can't be labeled Are defined as strange   I'm hard wired for disappointment Still fighting old feelings Of rejection with topical ointment Visiting past memories with no appointment   High school problems being … Continue reading Bullied

In The Bubble

In The Bubble let me into your hemisphere of intersecting realities set ablaze by greenhouse gas emissions igniting with lighting rage  so that i may explore, exhale, and explode   into a thousand tiny clusters, filled with delicate ambiance  colliding and compounding into visceral feelings in free flowing air, i am elevated... above harsh hunger … Continue reading In The Bubble