Photo by Miriam Alonso on Big-Eyed Look into the silver framed mirror, Covered in watermarks Big-eyed wonder stares back at you Questions form around the pupil's black ring Who will you be today? What will you choose today? How will you find your way? We are falling rain drops in a storm Searching for … Continue reading Big-Eyed


Vulnerability I want to feel love all around me as though my body were wrapped in clay. The cold sensation of drying porcelain covers an exposed, tearful soul. Now the wind and rain can't touch the vulnerability I feel inside... The same insecurities, I have spent my entire life trying to hide. Love always, Esha … Continue reading Vulnerability

Cease Fire

Cease Fire Where are the peaceful days? That were once filled with wonder, unexpected miracles and games. I pray their not be hide me. I search the tumbleweed torn desert for a bit of rain. Fall on an open spirit once again. Bring the roaring thunder, bring the charging wind. Until reality creeps in... And … Continue reading Cease Fire

New Leaf

Photo by Gustavo Cruz on New Leaf Turn over a new leaf The old rustic hues Of yesteryear no longer suit you Spring ushers in fresh days   Return to vibrant sunlight Rest easy in tantalizing shade Nestled in the snug embrace Of a temperate breeze swirling with change   Veins crave the sway … Continue reading New Leaf

The Word: STAY

Photo by Johannes Plenio on The Word: STAY There is no greater freedom than leaving When niceties have gone away No one wants the responsibilities Associated with the word: STAY Let thunder shake the sky Let lightening rain There is clarity In the eye of the hurricane   Love always, Esha ❤