To Be Missed

Photo by Miriam Fischer on To Be Missed I skim through the countless grains of sand In search of our love. Or was it lost among the pearls in the sea? Perhaps taken to Davy Jones Locker? A prisoner of the deep. I am a vexed soul on the verge of losing sleep. Hoping … Continue reading To Be Missed

Holding On

Photo by Aistu0117 Sveikataitu0117 on Holding On Love is like grains of sand running through nimble, oily fingers. It's hard to hold on to but you try to grasp it anyway. Love always, Esha ❤

Big and Round

Big and Round  couple months go by  stomach starts to swell  swayed by bright hearts like clean tiles  in the afternoon glow  touched by the hand of bleach  with the antics of home sweet home   we are here  trying to form sand  into stone  trying to build up a foundation  we're proud to own  … Continue reading Big and Round