Cease Fire

Cease Fire Where are the peaceful days? That were once filled with wonder, unexpected miracles and games. I pray their not be hide me. I search the tumbleweed torn desert for a bit of rain. Fall on an open spirit once again. Bring the roaring thunder, bring the charging wind. Until reality creeps in... And … Continue reading Cease Fire

Hard Air

Lately, I've been playing with cinquain poems. I hope you enjoy. Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Pexels.com Hard Air smoke clouds form over hard living unable to breath easy air. Always Love, Esha ❤


Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com Riding He say, the car needs fixin' the engine blew He's put in thousands Only to get it towed from the nearest alleyway  When the car moves it shakes, The brakes hit the floor And screeching escapes The car spits fire and smoke But it keeps on riding Long … Continue reading Riding

Deep Voice

Deep Voice the smooth undertone of a transparent sound drew me in i was memorized by the highs and lows of her vibrato   she was a song bird that carried the allure of Hennessy but sang of bourbon she breathed in deep, sultry air   but glistening honey flowed from her lips  she was … Continue reading Deep Voice