Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Redemption I wish I could tell you the truth Without shame or judgement Without pointed words attacking me Like daggers cutting through bruised flesh This is the only place I can go I have been rejected from the rest I am the black sheep And the shepherd's burden It's … Continue reading Redemption


  Photo by Wallace Chuck on Vintage Pick it up off the floor Dust it off, can it be resurrected? It's beauty restored Does it hold true in fluorescent light? Is the foundation strong? Things that hold their value are worth the time So polish it, repaint it And find a way for its … Continue reading Vintage

Strong Heart Beat

  Photo by Ola Dapo on Strong Heart Beat Unplug the charging cell phone  Siri reports and conveys the redundant  The news is made-up of bits and pixels  With no answers in sight  We work in the day  And hide in the night    I lean not onto my own understanding  Bending with the … Continue reading Strong Heart Beat

Strong Waves

Strong Waves We are distinctively strong waves crashing into each other. Becoming one then separating again. Knowing that farewell does not mean forever and forever is longer still. Love always, Esha ❤