Church Choir

  Photo by Elina Sazonova on Church Choir Listen to the piano player They tell you when to take a praise break The alto section's vibrato makes still earth quake Sopranos singing so high sleeping babies wake   They step on broken dreams Raising tired hands to the ceiling With prayers uttered in a … Continue reading Church Choir

What I Could Say?

  Photo by brotiN biswaS on What I Could Say? I can say a lot  But I get stuck somewhere in between phrases  Going in and out of phases   So I’m spicy like mildsauce  But my tempo is caunjan    So I say less  I don’t want to offend you  So I get stressed  … Continue reading What I Could Say?

The Games We Play

  The Games We Play   tied up in a maze of intrigue  wasn’t feeling him... till his cologne hit me    i use to be addicted  to the things men said to me   got a tendency to be misled easily    there are women twice my age  who believe they got the game figured out … Continue reading The Games We Play