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The coded reality of the comment section.

Favorite Sweater

Photo by Surene Palvie on Favorite Sweater Wrap your truth around my wooden knitting needles… I need your impressions to create my violet sweater  The brevity of your implied words adds a texture That fits the grooves of my growing imagination The colors of the fabric is brightened by the warmth of your glow  … Continue reading Favorite Sweater

Honestly: All I Have

  All I Have I don't have much to give outside of poetry. Sometimes... I don't really think one person can even make a difference! But I pray now more than ever that my words are able to give someone in the world solace. If I can just make one person laugh, smile or think … Continue reading Honestly: All I Have

Words Never Said

Photo by Arthur Ver. on Words Never Said It's deeper than the petty arguments and squabbles. The point of contention lies in all the things we never build up the courage to say. Love always, Esha ❤